We are working to end the housing crisis in the Bay Area by designing better solutions to create access to home ownership, rentals, and house those who are houseless.

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Our solutions

We create access to home ownership and rentals & house those who are houseless.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

Simply put an ADU is a backyard home. Do you live in the Bar Area? Find out about the opportunity adding an ADU to your property!

Community Clusters

Do you own property or a home in the Bay Area? Find out if it is possible to build multiple units on your property.

Community Land Trusts

We believe people should be able to live where they work, land trusts do just that. Find out how you can get involved in creating permanently affordable housing in the Bay Area.

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Our Partners

We're proud to work with the following partners.

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Stir Up Good

We know it will take everyone working in connection together to solve the housing crisis in the bay area.

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