California ADU regulations now make it easier for you to have a backyard home - find out what Soup can do for you.

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About Soup

There’s a housing crisis in the Bay Area, and Soup is passionate about the vital role design can play. We are a community of designers, developers, and activists working to make housing more affordable, accessible, and beautiful for working families.

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Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) add new housing to a community by leveraging underutilized space on existing properties. This is an increasingly accessible solution for preventing displacement and providing semi-permanent housing for those in-need.

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Community Clusters

A growing number of properties have been up-zoned to allow for greater density, which means it’s possible for Soup to build more homes on those lots. This increases the supply of housing for working families.

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Community Land Trusts

Community-controlled housing enables working families to live where they work. Soup is creating Permanently Affordable Housing in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in partnership with land trusts.

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