Community Land Trusts

Community Land Trusts are stewards of homes that have already been built by developers. These homes are offered as inclusionary units to qualified renters that meet the requirements.

One of the best ways you can partner with Soup to build the land trust is by supporting it with a regular financial donation, donation of stock, or donation of property. If you are interested in any of the above please use the button below to contact us and we will reach out within 24hrs.

Community Land Trusts

The mission of Valley Community Land Trust (VCLT)  is to provide permanently affordable home ownership and rental opportunities for working families in the Bay Area, while ensuring permanent housing affordability through the use of a land trust model. Our mission is based upon the belief that all working families deserve a home of their own, and strong and vibrant communities come from a broad socio-economic range of homeowners. VCLT is a non-profit housing organization.

The land trust owns real estate in order to provide benefits to its local community and, in particular, to make land and housing available to residents who cannot otherwise afford them.

VCLT provides access to housing for people who are otherwise priced-out of the housing market. The model employed helps people to purchase and rent homes on affordable terms. The land beneath the homes is then leased to the homeowners through a long-term, 99-year, renewable lease.

A key benefit of VCLT is the ability to ensure prices stay affordable. When a homeowner decides to move, they can sell their home. The resale formula is designed to give homeowners a fair return for their investment, while keeping the price affordable for future working families.

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