Leverage the unused space on your property to provide housing for your community and generate additional income.

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Project Partners:
Honomobo, Blokable, DesignStudio

Explore Soup's backyard home in Menlo Park

Soup simplifies the process of building a home by being your one-stop shop.

We provide the project management to ensure your job is completed in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Explore Soup's backyard home in Sunnyvale

Photos of Soup's backyard home in Sunnyvale

ADU Steps

These steps outline what is required to build ADUs.

Step 1: Assessment

We start with an online assessment and will meet you in your backyard to see what's feasible on your property.

Step 2: Design / Estimate

We will work together to customize a design that will work for you.

Step 3: Financing

Soup will work with you to review all financing options that fit your circumstances.

Step 4: Permitting

We work with local jurisdictions to streamline planning and permitting.

Step 5: Construction

We help you select reliable, state-licensed contractors for modular, panelized or site build options.

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Community Clusters

A growing number of properties have been up-zoned to allow for greater density, which means it’s possible for Soup to build more homes on those lots. This increases the supply of housing for working families.

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