March 21, 2022

Thank you, Pam!

Joshua To

Thank you, Pam!

It’s been over four years since Pam joined Soup, and what an amazing and impactful four years it has been.

When Pam and I first talked about affordable housing, we asked ourselves: What if affordable housing wasn’t exclusively a small number of large developments, but a large number of small developments? How could design and technology be applied to catalyze more affordable housing?

When Pam joined we were just working on one pilot ADU. As our Director of Affordable Housing, Pam not only managed to deliver our first project, but she pushed the program into escape velocity.

More than 60(!) projects later, Soup is now known in the Bay Area as an organization bringing fresh ideas to the affordable housing space. Pam also played a huge role in establishing the Valley Community Land Trust, adding units of housing that will remain affordable for decades to come. Even during a pandemic that brought unpredictability to so much, especially construction and supply chains, she worked tirelessly to create multiple new ways for people to own homes who otherwise could not afford them.

Pam has decided to take on a new challenge and while we are sad to lose her, she won’t be going far. Congratulations to her as she moves on to be the new Executive Director for The Community Land Trust of West Marin. In her new role she’ll promote home ownership and affordable rentals in the communities around Tomales Bay.

On behalf of the Board, please join me in thanking Pam for all her contributions and congratulate her on her new role.